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Sarah the Morgan

Sometimes I share to much

24 February
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Sarah Morgan

I am an Artist, a Comedian, Amateur Improviser and student.

I am a first year student at QUT, studying Visual art. I was born in South Australia on the 24th of February 1985. I spent most of my childhood in north east NSW, my parents were both in the army so I moved around a lot, changing areas, schools and friends frequently. I've had to adapt to many social environments. I never identified as part of a "group" ,I always moved schools before I felt any real peer pressure. I never felt the need to conform.

The moving and changing has lead to a short attention span, this sometimes makes it difficult to follow things through. That's why I sit in so many areas of art, it keeps me interested.

The Artist

My driving force is communication. Conversation with an individual, not society.

My visual representations are generally portraits of people. I’m interested in the individual, not the group. I don’t set out to be controversial; yet I’m not afraid of controversy. Individuals interest me, I am consumed with wanting to know the individual as thoroughly as myself. Groups tend to be too generalized for me to stay interested.


My works are large. I use charcoal, acrylic, stencils and ceramic casting. People say I remind them of David Hockney, at most it's a Hockney palette. I also deviate into the written word and more performance based art. I was delighted to find that Candice Halfpapp uses the same materials as me. I hope she will be able to show me new ways to use them, also she is interested in the individual.


My world is influenced by Tracy Emin and Marcel Duchamp. Emin portrays an Art lifestyle of honest intimate works using her loud uncensored voice. I’ve only just gotten to know her art, yet I feel like I’ve followed her instinctively, prior to even knowing of her. Duchamp is much the same, his artistic humour and resolve inspire me. Duchamp sends me wild with his mischief.

The Work

I need to engage. I want an audience. I want your attention. I want you to know me. Know me.

The Art, the comedy and improvisation often blur together. I needed to allow my creativity to fall back into other things in case of monotony. My honest, attention seeking self adapted well to comedy and performance, allowing me to write but also immediately engage with a viewer, however creating visually is my greatest love. I aspire to become a great painter. I'm not afraid to follow my emotions, and as a result series of works are often born.